Intro Session-25 minutes

An introduction to Pilates! This session allows us to identify your bodies needs while letting you learn more about Pilates! The session will include core muscle identification and light movement. 

*not required but strongly recommended before joining one of our classes if new to Pilates.


Private Sessions-50 minutes

Our Private sessions offer personalized Pilates! We will customize each session based on your bodies needs and goals. Our goal is for you to feel longer, stronger and better overall after each session!

Single Session- $100

3 Session Package- $285

5 Session Package- $450

10 Session Package- $850

20 Session Package-$1650

Duet or Trio Private Sessions- 50 minutes

Want to have a session with your mother, daughter, friend, spouse or partner? Our Duet and Trio Private sessions offer use of all equipment!

Single Duet Session- $65 per person

3 Duet Session Package- $188 per person

5 Duet Session Package- $300 per person

10 Duet Session Package- $550 per person

50 Minute classes

Reformer class offers a whole body session entirely done on the Reformer! Thru the use of springs, props, accessories and most importantly your own mind body connection, you will experience a fun and challenging "work in"! 

Have you ever jumped while laying down? Jumpboard class offers a fun cardio "work in" done entirely on the Reformer with the jumpboard attachment! 

Our Reformer/Jumpboard classes a combo of both! 

 Single Class- $45.00

3 Class Package- $128.00

5 Class Package- $200.00

10 Class Package- $350.00

25 minute classes

Our 25 minute classes are a quick Pilates fix! Reformer, Jumpboard, Lunch Break, Abs and Arms, Abs and Glutes.

 Single Class- $30.00

3 Class Package- $82.00

5 Class Package- $125.00

10 Class Package- $200.00

Circuit Class- 50 minutes

This twice a month class is offered once on a Saturday and once on a Sunday. This fast paced class utilizes all equipment!

Single class- $50 per person

Private Class- 50 minutes

Want a class just for you and your friends?! Our Private class offers just that! Please email to book.

*Subject to studio availability